Ep #9: How to Stop Waiting and Start Living Now

As a woman in the middle, you know all too well that at your age, life is a little unpredictable.

More than likely, you’re in the middle of being the go-to person for your parents and kids. You may be wondering where the time has gone when you still haven’t done half of the things you wanted to accomplish in your life. Life has a way of getting in the way of what you want to do on your timeline.

On this episode of Women in the Middle, we’re talking about getting a handle on what you’re waiting to do in your life, why you’re waiting to do it, and, more importantly, how to stop waiting and start living now. Tune in as we take a good look at how your thinking is holding you back and what you can start doing today to begin living your life to the fullest.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you’re not letting yourselves love what you truly love.
  • Your biggest dream stealers and how to become aware of them.
  • Why there is no better time than now to live to the fullest.
  • How you begin adjusting your thinking to help you with this process.

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Suzy Rosenstein

Suzy Rosenstein has been honing her laser sharp questioning and listening skills professionally for over 25 years. She coaches working women get out of their midlife funk so that they can be happier and regret-proof their lives! Enter your email today on her website for some quick tips and weekly insights about aging with mindfulness and humor: www.suzyrosenstein.com/midlifefunk