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Ep #7: Making Big Decisions

I have to admit, I’m fascinated with how people make big decisions. Some people make decisions with ease; others get paralyzed by the process, afraid that they’ll choose something they will regret.

This week on the Women in the Middle podcast, we’re taking a deep dive into the topic of making big decisions: Why some people seem to have no problem with it at all, and why others feel so stuck and overwhelmed.

Tips to Make Big Decisions

Join me as I share some actionable advice that will make your big decision-making process easier for you. I also explain how you can improve the skill of making decisions by following four easy strategies.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why making big decisions is so difficult for many of us.
  • Four easy tips to help you with your decision making process.
  • The importance of getting crystal clear on what you want.
  • How using a regret test can help you get better at making decisions.

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Suzy Rosenstein

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