The case of the missing cheese grater—and midlife memory

The mini cheese grater is missing. Midlife memory? Or something else? It’s been missing for a week now and it’s driving my husband and me crazy. This cheese grater was not kept in the kitchen. It was the cutest little green MINI grater that’s used for things like garlic and spices. Or for grating liver…

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Camp Play

Summer camp can be bittersweet when it’s your kid’s last year

Camp is part of our summer tradition. Or at least it has meant that for the past 10 years. So the fact that I got to go to camp last weekend felt like going home. I also got to see my youngest son, now 16 years old, as the male lead in the camp play.…

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Facebook greetings and and their surprising positive effect on your birthday

I had 154 Facebook greetings on my 52nd birthday. I have never had this many friends in my life, let alone wish me a happy birthday. Ok, ok. We all know they aren’t all the same “type” of friend.  They all haven’t gone to Knapp Elementary School. They didn’t take tap lessons with me while…

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The unusual combination of success, insecurity and being a woman

Insecurity was alive and well at a conference recently; I was surrounded by really successful women. It’s funny the way insecurity pops up in our lives. At this conference, no one looked particularly insecure. In fact, I thought everyone looked completely confident and happy. I would say they looked “normal.” Not any smarter than I…

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The long-term job—a blessing and a curse

Who knew that my long-term job could be both a blessing and a curse? I never even imagined I would be the type to have a long-term job. Seriously. It didn’t seem like something that would have my name on it. I landed my first professional job in 1989. I remember it well. I was…

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Daddy and Mr. Jack, Rosenstein family pictures, 1974

The power of old movies, memories and midlife

Memories from childhood are much easier with the help of old movies. Have you had the pleasure of watching old movies from your childhood? I did and it was amazing. My mom had the foresight to transfer all of the old 8mm movies to videotape in the late 80s. I lived about 500 miles away…

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turning 50 - leave your 40s in style

Turning 50? Lots of ways to leave your 40s

Turning 50 is so interesting. On just about every level. I hate the idea of a “bucket list when you turn 50.” Really, it turns me off. It’s not that I don’t want to embrace the fact that I’m growing older. I just don’t like the idea of talking about things I really want to…

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Lizard love, older sons and me

Lizards are part of good family life, would you say? And it’s that time of year again. Summertime; Fireworks; Gardening; Beaches; Road trips; Summer camp; and Lizard babysitting Yes, that’s right…lizard babysitting. Spending some quality time with my son’s lizards is one of the things that summer means to me. You see, my kids have…

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coach pimples at 50

Pimples at 50 and other midlife surprises

Pimples look pretty cool under a nice magnification mirror, don’t they? I’m not sure exactly how old I was when I discovered how much fun and also how scary a magnification mirror could be. I think it must have been when I was about 12 or 13 years old, when I first started plucking my…

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Losing my job and rediscovering myself: My two year dream-aversary

Not all anniversaries are created equal, like when it’s related to losing your job. I never thought about losing my job and anniversary in the same sentence. It seems like one of my most prevalent thoughts in my 50s is, “where does the time go?” It was two years ago this week that I was…

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