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Empty Nest & College Acceptance Letters: Here are 3 Great Tips!

Moms, how are you feeling about your kid going to college next year? There is a flurry of college acceptance letters making their way to mailboxes around the country! What are you thinking when you see them in there? Like you, I actually see the letters in the mailbox. I’m the one who gets the…

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How do you make a REALLY BIG decision?

I’m fascinated with how people make big decisions. Some of you have no problem making a big decision. Others get overwhelmed and confused into paralysis. Which category do you fall into? Are you the first type? Do you generally think, “I got this…bring it on!” Or are you the second type, more of a “I’m…

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ONE resolution you MUST keep!

There’s a lot of talk about resolutions this time of year. Here’s one resolution you simply must keep. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Simple right? Or is it? When you use this kind of perspective, it somehow switches things up. Midlife is the PERFECT time for more mindfulness in…

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Do you see a VISION BOARD in your future?

A Vision Board is powerful. Imagine what it would be like to just think about what you want and make it happen? Or dream up something great and POOF! Better yet…wiggle your nose like Tabitha Stephens from Bewitched and voila! Believe it or not…it’s kind of that way with Vision Boards. Vision Boards, or “Dream…

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How to be less grouchy about winter

I have a proven track record of being grouchy about winter. It’s not very becoming actually. I’m not the type of person who complains a lot.Yet…when it’s winter and it’s freezing, I’m a different person. Complaining regularly. This is not the kind of midlife mom I want to be. I find myself talking about the…

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Three amazing reasons to ditch your bad underwear

Ladies, what’s going on with ugly underwear and the whole midlife thing?   I remember having nice underwear, back in the day. It was never that fancy. And I never had a lot of it. But I remember having some particularly nice underwear, and a lot of pairs that were comfortable, but nothing special. Function…

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Three tips to procrastinate less

Most of us are familiar with the fine art of procrastination. It’s a definition we know well; procrastination is all about putting things off or delaying… Until another day… Until another time… Until you finish watching five more YouTube videos about sloths crossing the road or quintuplet babies giggling their adorable little faces off. (You’ve…

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why being grateful for your body is a great idea

Why being grateful for your body is a good idea

How often do you feel grateful? More and more of us are starting to understand the importance of having more gratitude in our lives. Like anything, it takes practice to develop new habits. And for many, feeling gratitude more often is a new habit. But what about the way you feel about YOU ? Are…

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Three key steps to regret-proof your holidays

No one wants to regret anything during the holidays, that’s for sure. As we all know, the holiday season is loaded with huge significance and tradition, no matter your background. If you celebrate the holiday yourself, your family probably does things a certain way. And if you don’t celebrate the particular holiday, you may also…

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How tap dancing helped me regret proof my life

I hadn’t thought about tap dancing in years. But then I turned 50 and I started thinking about potential regrets. All kinds of thoughts began swirling in my head when I approached this notable milestone. I decided that my favorite thing to do would be to go on a trip with my best friend, Karen,…

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