Start here to regret-proof your life

It’s definitely time to regret-proof if you’re somewhere between 40 and 60 years old. Welcome to midlife, the land of time flying by. At record speed. Before you know it. Right before your very eyes. I mean, really, can you believe you’re as old as you are? I don’t feel my age and I bet…

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How to break midlife habits

Habits can be hard to break. Especially in midlife, after a few decades. Do you know how habits develop? Habits are just practiced behavior that eventually become involuntary. Whatever you practice becomes a habit. What you practice DOING becomes a habit. What you practice NOT DOING also becomes a habit. This idea of “practice” and “habits”…

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Mindfulness: Do your thoughts need supervision?

Do you practice mindfulness? The concept that your thoughts need supervision is something I learned in Thomas M. Sterner’s book, The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in your Life. It’s all about mindfulness and it’s a powerful concept at all ages and stages, not just midlife. It’s also a concept that gives you a…

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Time to make a midlife career change?

Is making a midlife career change right for you? My question to you is…is it ever the right time? Some might say that midlife complicates things. You know, all that midlife stuff that creeps in to your brain. One type of change that seems more and more common is leaving a long-term job that’s just…

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adult orphans

When parents die young and how I coped

Outliving your parents isn’t normal for most people my age. It’s one thing if everyone lives to a ripe old age, but quite another with when your parents die young. Sometimes life just doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to go. I got the “life’s not fair” memo long ago. Loud and clear. When it comes…

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midlife aging empty

Feeling EMPTY without a NEST

Like retirement, many parents don’t even think about the whole empty nest thing until it happens to them. The term “Empty Nest Syndrome” is pretty familiar. It refers to parents’ feelings of sadness and even grief after children move out of the home. The image of an empty bird’s nest has become iconic and firmly…

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Time flies when your kid turns 21

Friends…time flies. I remember hearing my parents and grandparents say this over and over throughout my childhood. And then…I had my own kids and my firstborn turned 21. In. A. Blink. The passage of time and my own impending empty nest became something I also experienced at breakneck speed. I live in Canada. The birthday…

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career midlife working women miserable

4 Smart Questions when you Feel Stuck at Work

Feeling stuck at work? How do you know when you’ve been at your job too long? There’s no one answer. Sometimes one week can be too long. Usually though, my clients talk about being in a job too long when they’ve been working at the same place for more than 10 years. That’s when I’ve noticed…

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Top 3 reasons to celebrate when kids go to college

Will you celebrate when your kids leave for college or university? You may or may not have an empty nest yet, but there are still reasons to be joyful when at least one of your chicadees takes flight and is on their way to a post-secondary education. Let’s turn things upside down, shall we? I…

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practice practicing mind blog

The art of practice

When’s the last time you practiced something new? Everything in life is practice even though you may not think of it that way. You practice what you want, and you also practice what you don’t want. And what you practice becomes a habit. I’ve recently had an amazing opportunity to be in a small class…

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