Are you hiding from change?

You’ve been thinking about making a change. So much so that the change itself has become noisy chatter in your mind. It comes and goes, but it’s there. You hear it even though you’re hiding. It’s not constant, but you hear it. You try to ignore it when you notice it. Sometimes you can. But…

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Top 4 ways retired friends can be good for your health

I’m only 53 and am surrounded by retired friends. I love having friends of all ages. Lately, I find myself going to retirement parties just as frequently as 50th birthday parties and baby showers! It’s a phase of life that I know less about and I’m fascinated to learn more. Just fascinated. Not because I’m…

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Working Moms: Do You Need Regret Proofing 101?

Are you starting to have regrets about what you haven’t done yet in your life? Working moms tend to think they can do it all. Does this sound like you?  I felt this way for sure. As a group, we are accomplished in so many areas. We do a lot, that’s for sure. I feel…

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blog leave food on your plate

How to leave food on your plate

People who know me well are quite aware of my love of seafood. I really love eating at seafood restaurants. I guess the bottom line is that I love when someone else makes food for me. Don’t we all? My aunt and uncle from Palm Springs share this love and took me to a wonderful…

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lessons from lay off

3 Lessons I Learned from Being Laid Off

My three year anniversary after being laid off from a long-term job is this month. It’s hard to believe that so much time has gone by. I held five positions in the field of health promotion, addiction and mental health for 25 years. I had the last job for 19 of those 25 years. This…

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What are you too old to do?

What do you think you shouldn’t do, wear or be now that you’re older? I bet you want to think that you’re never too old to do whatever you want, no matter your age. But I’m curious if that’s really honest. There’s a lot of talk in the news right now about an outfit Madonna…

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How to navigate college and midlife transitions better

Life transitions can be hard. I find myself frequently surrounded by handsome young men at the brink of making some pretty stressful college and university choices. Unfortunately, it’s not because of my charming personality. It’s simply because of the age and stage of my high school and college-aged sons and all of their friends. We…

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Big dogs and little owners: How I avoided a midlife crisis

Dogs were always part of my life. Big dogs, little dogs, slobbery dogs, messy dogs. The works. My family bred St. Bernards when I was a young child. We did the dog show thing too and I showed in the puppy class. My dad even became a dog show judge. Having five St. Bernards in…

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When being green with envy is a good thing

  Have you ever had that not-so-wonderful shade of “green envy” wash over your body? You know what I mean. It was a time that you noticed you actually felt green with envy, or inadequate or envious because you wanted what someone else had. Now that you’re older, you may have even thought that you…

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12 Signs You Need a Change

Something isn’t quite right with you. You’ve been feeling it for awhile now, but it was hard to put your finger on. Maybe you’ve been at the same job for a really long time and need a change; perhaps you’ve had a milestone birthday. Maybe you or someone close to you had a serious illness.…

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