The #1 reason I’m in love with my tweezers in menopause

Ladies, I’m in menopause and having a midlife love affair…with my tweezers. I can’t imagine going a day without them. Without holding them in my hand. Without being so grateful we know each other so intimately. My tweezers know my deepest, darkest secrets. We’re all quite aware of many of the physical changes that go…

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Why a midlife funk is the best news ever!

What if being in a midlife funk was a good thing instead of a bad thing? Seriously. Think about it. There are lots of times in your life that something “bad” ends up turning into something “good.” Sometimes it’s surprising, but it’s hard to deny. Midlife transition can be one of those times. Let’s take…

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The #1 Secret to Conquering Overwhelm

It’s hard to know what to do when you feel overwhelmed. Feeling this way can be such a drag. And drag you down. And hold you back. It feels like a fuzzy cloud to me…but not soft and cuddly. It’s fuzzy and amorphous…unclear…murky. It’s just so…. I don’t know… OVERWHELMING! When do you feel overwhelmed?…

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The 3 surprisingly easy steps to take action on clutter

What’s the secret to taking action on clutter? Why is it that some people are so good at throwing things out and others aren’t? We all have friends like this. Especially midlife gals. Some of them are constantly going through their kids clothes and sports equipment. They mention this clutter-busting activity without stress. And we…

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The #1 reason I don’t feel over 50

Friends, I just can’t believe I’m a midlife gal who’s over 50. It’s mind-boggling to me. Sometimes I forget how old I am. I can’t remember if I’m 52 or 53. It takes me a minute. Then, when I remember, I’m floored that I’m this old. I suppose it shouldn’t be that much of a…

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blog empty nest college

Empty Nest & College Acceptance Letters: Here are 3 Great Tips!

Moms, how are you feeling about your kid going to college next year? There is a flurry of college acceptance letters making their way to mailboxes around the country! What are you thinking when you see them in there? Like you, I actually see the letters in the mailbox. I’m the one who gets the…

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coaching blog decision

How do you make a REALLY BIG decision?

I’m fascinated with how people make big decisions. Some of you have no problem making a big decision. Others get overwhelmed and confused into paralysis. Which category do you fall into? Are you the first type? Do you generally think, “I got this…bring it on!” Or are you the second type, more of a “I’m…

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blog resolution regrets

ONE resolution you MUST keep!

There’s a lot of talk about resolutions this time of year. Here’s one resolution you simply must keep. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Simple right? Or is it? When you use this kind of perspective, it somehow switches things up. Midlife is the PERFECT time for more mindfulness in…

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coach blog vision board

Do you see a VISION BOARD in your future?

A Vision Board is powerful. Imagine what it would be like to just think about what you want and make it happen? Or dream up something great and POOF! Better yet…wiggle your nose like Tabitha Stephens from Bewitched and voila! Believe it or not…it’s kind of that way with Vision Boards. Vision Boards, or “Dream…

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be less grouchy about winter blog

How to be less grouchy about winter

I have a proven track record of being grouchy about winter. It’s not very becoming actually. I’m not the type of person who complains a lot.Yet…when it’s winter and it’s freezing, I’m a different person. Complaining regularly. This is not the kind of midlife mom I want to be. I find myself talking about the…

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